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peace and love despite the news


peace and love despite the news


my friend marilyn said



My friend Marilyn said


You get bored doing the same thing

Day after day-

I never thought about it that way-

I look forward to my coffee in the

Morning-it gets me out of bed-

I said


I don’t drink coffee-she said

How ‘bout tea-I asked



The next morning I sat on

The edge of the bed feeling

Depressed-I never feel that

Way in the morning


I suddenly cried missing the

Better half of me who left

Me in this world alone-

The tears hot on my cheeks

Stung-suddenly my heart was


I don’t like this life without you

Do you see me cry?

My heart broke the day you

Died David

We were invincible taking

The world by storm

Getting the most out of life

Regardless of rules

Often getting into trouble

Sometimes with the law


Are you there David watching

Over me? I’d like to think so

Having the memory of a love

Like ours should get me through

What’s left

But I can hardly bear the loss

Of you

no more faint than the day you

Left me forever.

Chef Admits to Slow-Cooking Wife’s Body After Killing Her




A California chef has admitted to the murder of his wife and, even more gruesomely, to disposing of the body in an appropriate fashion: by slow-cooking her for four days.

That’s what a jury is hearing in the Southern California trial of David Viens, who is accused of killing his 39-year-old wife Dawn on October 18, 2009. Investigators were never able to find her body, and new audiotapes being played for the court shed light on the reason why they may never be able to.

(LIST: 25 Gruesome Crimes of the Century)

According to NBC Los Angeles, the 49-year-old chef at the former Thyme Contemporary Café in Lomita, Calif., reportedly confessed to two detectives in March 2011, detailing how he allegedly used his kitchen skills to butcher his wife’s body. He then allegedly put the 105-pound woman’s remains in a metal drum, added water, and turned…

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i’m doing a reading at kent state

got an iterminably long wait to get on

protestors outside provoke the cops

about an after nine pollution law

they bang bongos and march through

the cafe disrupting the reading

chanting “noise is illegal noise is illegal”


i’m getting nerve racked and edgy so i

drink a load of port from disguised juice

bottle and smoke a joint


the time drags and i get somewhat drunk-

my face a fiery blush and the the thump

of my heart somewhere up in my neck


it’s round midnight and i’m on

the crowd receptive to my words

never heard me slur or the slight

shake in my left knee.