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LIfe is what happens while. you are busy making other plans.”


Day 349- “These Western Skies”



The past few evenings, the sunsets were just… beautiful. I can’t describe them to you, and no photo I could take could possibly describe them to you. The clouds and the brilliant colors weren’t just over the mountains, but to the North, South, and East as well. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful, and I’m sad that this photo is all that I can share of both of these sunsets with you.

Both nights, I had the song “Western Skies” by Chris Ledoux running through my mind, one of my favorite songs of all time. Hence, the name of my photo.


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for espresso at remo’s
bode heir peddling 35c. beers
Dylan Thomas sitting at a
window at the Chelsea hotel

got me the beatnik blues
for an old blue dodge with
stereo hi-fi turned way up
a carload off to see Mamie
van Doren in a b movie
at the tower in Philly

got me the beatnik blues
for washington square
Bowles hobos and negroes
Ukrainian babushkas
grandmothers and the
hollow tap of bongos

got me the beatnik blues
for hi ester cookie’s mad pad
blue suede drapes and plaid
light bulbs and a bowl of

got me the beatnik blues
for abstract expressionists
in hemingway’s decadent Paris
red wine and crusty bread on
the left bank

got me the beatnik blues
for bebop jazzmen
coltrain’s salty blue train sax
on a saturday night
the Chicago skyline melting
into michigan’s vast coldness

got mr the beatnik blues
for walking barefoot on London’s
tower bridge.
the ghosts of kings and queens
and princes dancing along the
Thames holding pale fingers
with queen bode is

got me the beatnik blues
for old Amsterdam
brass hookahs and overworked
pipes in smokey hash bars
espresso houses with brocade
sofas and feet worn oriental rugs

got me the beatnik blues
for the beats of San Francisco
and Greenwich village
a pawn shop sax being shined
on a street corner in Venice beach
woodie Guthrie singing a protest song

got me the beatnik blues
for back roads roadside diners
soda fountains and on the
road shy Kerouac supplicati ng
god with pooh bear on the
Steve Allen show.



Turns out you can still count on the kindness of strangers.

A Singaporean cabdriver discovered a black paper bag brimming with money in the back of his taxi after dropping off a Thai couple who were on vacation, AFP reports.  Seeing the number of Singaporean $1,000 bills in the bag, the cabbie immediately got worried, he told the Straits Times.

“When I saw the money, I thought, trouble is here. I was sure there was at least $200,000 in the bag,” Sia Ka Tian told the newspaper. He turned the money over to his company straightaway.

Turns out the 70-year-old cabbie’s judgment was right, but his math was off — there were actually 1.1 million Singaporean dollars in the bag — about $900,000.

At least the story has a happy ending: the couple who’d lost the money gave the honest cabbie an undisclosed cash reward, and Sia has…

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