The night of the storm

The wind rattled the windows

It hissed around the panes

They bulged inward

About to shatter

The old oak was taking a beating

The ground growled and groaned

As the wind wrapped around its


Then it split with the sound of


The tree snapped from the

bottom up

With a roar so mighty

It crashed onto the railroad


She lay in bed shivering

The night was a heavy black

She was afraid of another

Oak beneath her window

That might succumb to the storm

She rolled off the bed tearing

At the comforter and pillows

To seek protection on the other

Side of the big bed

Her heart was racing in fear

The roof creaked above her head

The lights went out

She was in total darkness

With fear and trepidation.


About beatnik woman

i am a "beat" poet and have had 3 u.s. tours and one of europe. i have authored 40 books of poetry and one novel "eenie meenie minee moe" on -my work has been taught in soviet georgia and colleges around the country. i am having my second book published "noddy's bar and grill" i was co-publisher of "Alpha Beat Press" with my late husband Dave Christy. when i am not writing i watch movies and love to cook indian food.

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