Cross-Dressing, Porn Store-Owning Catholic Priest Busted in Meth Ring
Slade Sohmer

This is never a good sign: “But sources knowledgeable with the case said the situation went deeper than diocese officials will publicly admit.”

A cross-dressing Catholic priest, who had been suspended by church officials after he was found to be having sex with men in the rectory, was arrested by police for allegedly dealing crystal meth.

The arrest occurred January 3, some seven months after Monsignor Kevin Wallin had been relieved of his duties at St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport, Connecticut (the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport was still paying him a stipend, according to reports). During his post-priesthood life, the 61-year-old bought a porn shop called “Land of Oz” that sells sex toys and X-rated DVDs.


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The New York Post, natch, has more:

Wallin, on six different occasions from September until this month, sold undercover cops several grams of crystal meth, which tested as high as 98.5 percent pure, according to federal court records.

He also received a shipment of nearly 400 grams of meth from conspirators in California in December, records claim.

Wallin for years was a prestigious priest in the Bridgeport Diocese, serving as personal secretary to Bishop Walter Curtis and his successor, Egan, before Egan became the boss of New York’s Archdiocese.

The SF Gate has more on Wallin going all-in:

Wallin also kept three cell phones, rented two Waterbury apartments and delivered meth in magazines, the affidavit shows. The crystal meth came in shipments from McCluskey and his girlfriend, Laschober, who live in California. Both also have been indicted.

Wallin also was fluent in drug lingo, and in text messages he would often use street phrases such as “5 Grover Clevelands,” for $500 worth of meth or “eight balls,” for an eighth of an ounce, the indictment states.


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[top image via Connecticut Post]


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