About beatnik woman

i am a "beat" poet and have had 3 u.s. tours and one of europe. i have authored 40 books of poetry and one novel "eenie meenie minee moe" on -my work has been taught in soviet georgia and colleges around the country. i am having my second book published "noddy's bar and grill" i was co-publisher of "Alpha Beat Press" with my late husband Dave Christy. when i am not writing i watch movies and love to cook indian food.

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      • I love all your posts. You share enlightening and sometimes crazy stuff!

      • hi Karen thanks for the”like” I love your graphic art, and it’s cool that you write science fiction. maybe you can answer a question for me-i have published a novel, it’s on amazon, iBooks and more. I have been trying to get free reviews-but they all seem to charge-did you self publish and how did you get reviews-it seems the book just sits there lost in a multitude of e books-do you have any insight? please tell me where I can see more of your art.
        best Ana

      • In my opinion, paid reviews aren’t real reviews. Lots of folks will review a book in exchange for a free copy. Ask around your social networks. Offer a copy to people you know offline. Friends and family who will write honest reviews–not just great stuff because they love you, but how they actually felt about the book–are a good start. There is such of sea of books out there right now and it’s easy to get lost. It takes time. Just keep telling people about your work and hang in there. Oh, my art, since you asked: I’ve got a portfolio link on my blog and I try to post new stuff when I can. A lot of what I do is offline, but I love blogging and meeting new people. Have a great rest of the week!

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