HELLO I have not been able to get in to this blog for a long time,and in the meantime I started a new blog-giving up on this one-and then I found out that I had set up a blog and never posted anything on it-so now I have 3 blogs-and lucky me i am at home all the time and have nothing better to do when I am not writing-being a confused individual not very good at the technicalities of computers-I am wading through all these blog-hating to combine them-I read that I can do that-at least I learned that! 

SO I am back-bet you missed me right!!? 

In case you are adventurous here are my other 2 blogs

do check them out-it’s a lot of work managing 3 blogs!

OVER AND OUT ana christy


About beatnik woman

i am a "beat" poet and have had 3 u.s. tours and one of europe. i have authored 40 books of poetry and one novel "eenie meenie minee moe" on -my work has been taught in soviet georgia and colleges around the country. i am having my second book published "noddy's bar and grill" i was co-publisher of "Alpha Beat Press" with my late husband Dave Christy. when i am not writing i watch movies and love to cook indian food.

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