I had posted this comment on CNN this morning for a discussion going on about Google Blocking the Video to certain countries………
MY post had little to do with google blocking the video, but I posted it there just the same coz I didn’t want to search where I else I could more appropriately post the comment.  Nevertheless there were many other posts there pertaining to this situation, I thought I’d set the record straight once and for all, since there seems to be a lot of confusion about that controversial movie clip on youtube. After I posted the comment I got an automated reply saying “your comment will be reviewed by a CNN moderator before it is posted” I waited and haven’t seen my post anywhere yet, so decided to send it to you, feel free to post it anywhere.  Following is the actual Comment I made:
“First of all, see the video and LISTEN to it here:
or here:
then replace “Muhammed” with “JESUS CHRIST” in every scene, now think to yourself will it bother you to see a video about JESUS like this? if it does, then you know why Muslims are angry, this is no different than Americans Boycotting the BEATLES when they said they were more popular than JESUS (back in the 60’s) to see that article in history, here’s the link:
Here’s another article:
You can go to Youtube and type in ‘the Beatles Jesus’  and you’ll find many videos of them including this one:
saying it and then finding themselves in trying to justify it to the American people, and all they said was that they were more popular than Jesus himself…… Now imagine, in the controversial ‘Innocence of Muslims’ short movie on Youtube it also shows Muhammed having illicit sex and being called a Homo among other derogatory terms of which there is no purpose but to insult him or the religion……….. Muslims are right in getting angry over this, but Muslims are TOTALLY WRONG in killing anyone or any sort of Violence over this! Islam itself doesn’t condone this, Prophet Muhammed in his lifetime was insulted and ridiculed by many non believers but he never resorted to killing anyone over it! he was a non violent person, Islam doesn’t tell you to kill for this reason, these people who call themselves Muslims or Jihadists are not real Muslims!, they give Muslims a bad name no more than Timothy McVeigh gave Christians a bad name! (he killed over 168 people including 19 children and 450 injured for no reason)   Also Muslims should not take revenge on innocent people like at the Embassies, they have nothing to do with the video, it’s isolated to people who produced and published the video, they should be held accountable not the US GOVERNMENT!!  “

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