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intricate pencil art_2

An artist’s eye always sees things, as humble as a pencil, in a much different way than the others. While pencil is a mere writing and drawing instrument for most of us, artists such as Dalton Ghetti use them to create wonderful pieces of complex art for the rest of us to admire. Another artist, specializing in miniature artworks, is a Budapest-based artist and sculptor known by the name of Cerkahegyzo.



intricate pencil art_1

The sculptor, whose tools are nothing more than small carving tools, fine blades, needles, sandpaper and files, uses the wood and lead of a pencil as the base and body of the sculptures. Paying homage to Ghetti, the artist has also replicated his sculpture of heart, screw and linked chains. Other than this, the artist has also managed to pull off some impossible-looking pencil art sculptures.

intricate pencil art_3

intricate pencil art_4

intricate pencil art_5

intricate pencil art_6

intricate pencil art_7

intricate pencil art_8

intricate pencil art_9

intricate pencil art_9a

intricate pencil art_9b

intricate pencil art_9c

intricate pencil art_9d

intricate pencil art_9eintricate pencil art_9f

Written by Anupam Jolly

Anupam Jolly

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